Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Child Shall Lead . . .

This story will break your heart . . . but should also make you stronger.

It is the story of Namrata Nayak, a young girl who was caught up in the inexplicably violent attack on Christians in India by Muslim extremists. Her home was burned and she was horribly disfigured in the fire. And yet she still smiles, because she knows the love of Jesus.

She doesn't hate her tormentors, because she says they were out of their minds because they don't know the love of Jesus. She wants to grow up and study to become an evangelist so that she can spread that message of love throughout the world so what happened to her won't have to happen to other children out of hate.

How can you look at someone like Namrata and not gain strength and hope for the world. In the face of tragedy she sees a mission for her life and a call from her God to share His love.

h/t to the anchoress


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Suzanne said...

Precious little child of God. I will pray that what she wants..she will be able to attain, because she's right to want to do this.