Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Words Can't Express

We just received some very sad news. Our beloved retired pastor Fr. Charlie Chesebrough died this morning. He has been a part of my family's faith life for the past fourteen years, as more than pastor. He was a friend, confidant, mentor and all around great example of what a servant priest should be.

When I was a member of the Parish Council I was pregnant with the angelbaby and because I was secretary I spent many many hours working closely with Fr. Charlie during my pregnancy and after she was born. He had a special bond with her. As she grew up, whenever I would have errands at the parish office the minute she burst through the door she would make a b-line for his office (sometimes bursting in on conversations he was having with people) to give him a hug. They always had a very special bond.

I am at a loss. I realize that this last year has been a great struggle for him health wise, and really ever since he retired two years ago every day has been a gift, because his lungs were so compromised by emphysema, but I still feel such crushing loss to think that I will never see him again.

Please join with me in praying for the repose of his soul and for consolation for his family, (his brothers, and their wives and children, as well as the parish families he brought together in his nearly forty years of priestly ministry.



Teresa said...

I miss Fr. Charlie already and was so sad to hear of his passing. It was like learning a mighty oak tree had fallen and would never be enjoyed again.

He always made my day with his smiling face and cheerful attitude. He had a deep, abiding love of our Lord, and did his best to share that knowledge with all of us. God Rest His Soul.

Mimi said...

May his Memory be Eternal.

Suzanne said...

It will be eternal, I believe...hard to forget Father Charlie...ever.
Who is Teresa, Maggie? Hey, Mimi!