Friday, May 09, 2008

After all this effort . . .

I should at least get super powers or something.

My graduation is only a day away now. I would be really excited if I weren't so darn nervous about forgetting something for the trip down there. Not only do I have to pack for myself but I have to make sure that the kids all have nice clothes, and then I have to make sure that everything gets packed for our little party on Saturday evening.

I have been dyed and mani-pedied and shaved and am even planning to actually style my hair (this is something I haven't done in years I am telling you).

I have new clothes to wear and promised mrangelmeg that I would be on my best behavior, meaning not too much wine at lunch, until after I walk across the stage in the afternoon to receive my diploma. Then I get to relax and party a little.

One of my close friends and I are planning a dinner party for the evening so that all of our friends from down there can party with us (including our professors and the monks). That should be fun, I am bringing my karaoke machine.

I had better get some sleep now. I will post some pictures of my big day when we return.


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