Thursday, December 23, 2004

Let it Snow . . . just let it stop too!

We here in the Midwest are enjoying what looks to be the whitest Christmas we have had in years. Unfortunately the snow which looks so beautiful out the windows has drifted into mountains on our driveway and even with the snow blade on the tractor we (ha ha, mrangelmeg is out plowing, when I asked if I could be any help he laughed and said you can chear me on from the house, does this man know me well? I ask you?) mrangelmeg is having much trouble clearing the driveway of snow so that we can venture out.

I guess it was a good thing that we did all of our Christmas shopping early. Tonight we will celebrate our long-standing tradition of wrapping gifts for the kids. mrangelmeg will sit at the computer and surf the web while I wrap all of the gifts myself. I guess the tradition has been updated with the times, he used to sit and read the paper. No really, he does wrap one or two.

I do love the snow, especially for Christmas time. But, I am one of those snow lovers who would just as soon prefer that everything got nice and warm around January 2nd, and stayed in the mid to upper forties with periods of light rain for the rest of the winter. I don't think that will be the case this winter. We have already received more snow in the past two days than we received most of last winter. I expect snow covered roads and hillsides will be the rule rather than the exception this winter.

We did manage to get out on Wednesday evening for a few hours, and got some milk but the two stores we tried had no eggs. I guess we won't be doing much baking or having a traditional biscuits and gravy and scrambled eggs breakfast on Christmas morning.

It just occurred to me that we had planned on going to someone else's house for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so I didn't bother to buy anything to make traditional Christmas meals. "Woo hoo," I thought, "I don't have to cook anything this Christmas, what a gift for me."

I guess I had better see if I might be able to scrounge up a few meals from what we have in the freezer. I guess it will be potluck this Christmas. I suppose I can add Paprika to something to make it red at least.

Oh and God, as we gather together our little family (well the seven of us make a big family nowadays I suppose) together to celebrate the birth of Your only begotten Son, would you mind helping us out by not letting it snow anymore for a while. I love my kids, but if I have to spend another week cooped up with them I may go bonkers!


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Suzanne said...

I would not want or let Maria read the last line of your blog! :)