Thursday, November 04, 2004

Living in the Mystery

The other night on television I heard some talking head new age philosopher say that it isn't important to be in the know. What is important is to be in the mystery. I really wanted to jump into that discussion and tell that man that his "new age" philosophy wasn't new at all.

As a Catholic Christian I live in the mystery every day of my life. Every aspect of lived Catholic faith is done within the Paschal Mystery of Jesus' incarnation, life and mission, suffering and death on the cross, and rising to new life in the resurrection.

I guess the axiom is true "everything old is new again". To have someone speak of living in the mystery devoid of any mention of God or faith was a bit jarring, but I suppose that this philosopher's idea of transcendence is God's self revelation in a way. Perhaps the only difference is semantics.

I am lucky I guess that I didn't have to go off in search of Kabala or Wicca or Dyanetics or some other path, because I have the way the truth and the life set before me.


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Ladybug said...

Yes, the diference probably is semantics. God is a mystery. You have a fascinating blog here. Good read. Thank you