Saturday, November 13, 2010

What am I Reading

Heresies of the Heart: Developing Emotional WisdomSo I am still working my way through  this wonderful book by my professor.  I am finding that to do it justice I have to read a bit more slowly than I normally devour books.

It is well worth the effort though as I am learning things about myself and why and how I react to the world around me based upon my emotions.

Next in my pile of books is one that was on my wish list, and I am happy to say I came into possession of  recently and can't wait to start reading.

This one should be equally as helpful in the whole emotional wellness,  area, and I am hoping that I will gain as much from this as I am from Ryan's book.

This was one area of our training in Spiritual Direction that I felt we needed much more than three hours to cover, so all the extra reading I can do to assist me in learning how to help others will make me better at my work with them as they tap into their own emotional responses to the world around them and by default, God's movement in the world.

I will give you an update as I continue to read.

What are you reading?  Leave me a comment and let me know.


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Teresa said...

"How To Get A Smart Mouth" by Robin Chaddock which actually explores exploring how to use words wisely in our life to have more powerful communication with Wisdom, Honesty, Self-Care, Understanding, Clarity, Maturity, Respect, Forgiveness, Encouragement, Decency, Justice, and Silence. I like taking an area a week or so. If it helps to write one of these areas on an index card and place in areas of the home as a reminder of what one might be trying to put more into practice. I need that visual too. I can "group" and often walk away and forget so much of what I was going to work in that week, you know? So the reminder might help me better.
Your books sounds nice too. I am also reading another novel and I have it in the car..I think it is called Necessry Heartbreak by a Michael Sullivan, I think. He is a rather young widower who has been raising his preteen daughter. They are in an old Catholic Church helping clean up stuff and she runs across a grate in the floor of the old room and goes down inside under the grate. There is a long passageway. Dad cannot find her and then discovers the grate moved and decides to look for her. They both separately go through a hidden door and enter into Jerusalem during the last week of Christ's life. They are lost from one another and he gets taken by some Roman soldiers and its awful and she ends up with a "Leah." Her dad meets Barabbas in a cell, but someone sets him free, because he is hunting this guys daughter as he wants to marry her (since they marry young girls then) anyhow, they find one another and Leah is hiding them now. At some point, they will run into Judas Iscariot and then Jesus, Himself. So, its a different kind of fun read..not quite half done with it. :)