Sunday, March 21, 2010

Breaking Through

I had to write a paper for my Theology of the Trinity class that I took at St. Meinrad this semester. I was really worried about it because I have had writer's block since early last fall (as you can tell from my relative silence on my blog). I really wondered if I was going to be able to come up with anything of substance to say and tried three or four times to start an essay.

As last week moved along I really wondered if I was going to come up with anything. Then on Thursday morning I got an inspiration and sat down at my computer and came up with an introductory paragraph that actually sounded pretty good. After that, I began to put the threads in place, and I began to see a pattern emerging. As each strand of thought wove through the narrative, the piece became stronger. All the elements began to tie together in a way that had flow and resonance.

When I looked it over and moved a few paragraphs around and read through it in the finished form it actually gave me that fluttery, goose bumps feeling that I used to get when I wrote a good essay. That sort of feeling that comes from a place of awe as you read and think " did that actually come from me?" For the first time since last August I had written something I was really proud of having produced.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my joy with all of you. Hopefully, now that my writer's block is over I will be writing more on here than the short pieces I have been sporadically adding in the last few months. I am going to submit the essay I wrote for my Trinity class to Presence, the Spiritual Director's Journal and see if they will publish it. (yep, I really think it is that good.) If they do, I will post it here for you all to read.

Stay tuned, I will be writing more in the weeks to come. I have my passion for writing back.


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Mimi said...

Yay! Whooot on getting through the writer's block