Wednesday, September 15, 2004

being humbled

I learned something very interesting on my retreat earlier this summer, but it took the specific events of this week to remind me that I should be living what I had learned.

This week has been a very humbling week for me. I have been snapped at, ordered around, and totally disregarded by people who I thought wouldn't act that way toward me. It was beginning to grate on my nerves. Why wasn't this person taking my opinion seriously? Why did that person feel as though she should tell me what I am doing wrong without an ounce of charity in her voice? Why was this other person telling me that I should be doing work for him when I barely had time to do my own work?

It was late last night, as I was going over the previous week that I remembered meditating on the passage from the bible that says "humble yourself in the sight of the Lord and He will lift you up" (James 4:10) The realization I came to on my retreat is that Christ is in every created man or woman on this earth. Every time someone humbles me I should take it as Christ and be humbled in His sight. Christ alone will lift me up, not the opinions or feelings or thoughts of people.

So, I have been humbled often in the past week, and as I look back some of the reasons I was humbled were for my correction, some were so that I might better understand the stress or situation that might cause a person to lash out or be mean when it wasn't necessary. It isn't fun being humbled, but then I must remember: Jesus was humbled by the Sanhedrin and Herod and Pilate, humbled even unto death. A little embarrassment on my part is a small sacrifice to make. I know where my true reward is.

So, I go out to greet a new day, with a new chance to see Christ in everyone and be Christ to everyone. What a blessing that will be.



Suzanne said...

Again, I thank you for this, angelmeg...

Suzanne said...

PS - May I lift your spirits just a wee bit more? This morning during our prayer circle time before lessons get started, I passed around the book of Eucharist stories. I asked the kids to each take a paragraph or two of the story I chose for this day. It was your story, however, none of them had any idea, as they faithfully read it without looking at who wrote it first. As they completed reading the story, I looked at them and asked them who was the author. They were so excited to see that it was you! Everyone here was touched by your story and I think it was because it was on their level and I am so thankful that there are stories so precious in nature in this book. Thanks for sharing with my children something so meaningful to you.